From 2003 to the spring of 2018, I owned and operated the most successful single person virtual tour business in North Texas. I personally photographed over 11,000 commercial and residential properties and shot for many high profile individuals. I produced over 4,000 videos and published over one and a half million still photos during my career, many of which are still on the internet here and there. 


The first few years were tough breaking into the business but I did not quit and after the third year, I had managed to secure several of the largest real estate agencies in the United States, which 6 of the top ten at the time were in the DFW area. By my 5th year, I was shooting for 4 of the the 6 as well as over 200 additional agents and agencies. By 2014, my client base had grown to almost 600 clients. In 2018 I decided to retire in East Texas to care for my wife's mother and my  aging parents.  My parents have passed away recently and now I am hoping to spend time once again doing what I am passionate about.

Currently, I continue to shoot for creative and personal enjoyment purposes almost exclusively. My contact is here on this site in the contact section in the event that anyone would like to contact me. I currently operate a Youtube channel where I am playing with some new video equipment, "360vv", go check it out and subscribe if you like it. Have a great day.

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